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It’s essential to have media and communication professionals at the top of their game today, regardless of what industry you’re in. This is not limited to just knowing how to get a social media post go viral. Here at Monash University Malaysia, we focus on the development of advanced critical thinking, analysis and planning of media strategies, exposure to a more diverse range of cultural knowledge, and the ability to conduct quality research in order to raise the level of media content, management process, business insights, or any communication roles that one is involved in.

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Students have the option of taking on internship programmes during the semester break. Where theory and practice to meets, you benefit the most.


Ranking and Recognition

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019: #51-100 in the world for Communications and Media Studies

Times Higher Education World University Subject Rankings 2019: #Top 100 in the world for Communication and Media Studies

Check out the 14 Reasons Everyone Needs to Master Communications and Media Studies at Monash University - Malaysia:

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Our Alumni 

My time at Monash has been enriching, to say the least. It has opened my mind to a diverse range of ideologies and worldviews. The ability to holistically observe and critically analyse the social, cultural and political complexities of the modern world is a valuable skill that I’ll carry with me into the professional realm.

Lynn Liz Verghese, India

Why study Master of Communications and Media Studies in Malaysia?

  • Strong industry relevance 
  • Internationally relevant and current content  
  • Collaborative learning and projects
  • Research active lecturers 

Guest Seminars

Every semester, experts from the media and communication industry engage with our students, either by giving guest lectures, or providing valuable feedback to student presentations.  

Students have the option of completing the entire course here in Malaysia, or spend a semester in Monash University Australia for a different learning experience. This mobility is a perk that comes with being a Monash student!

Exchange to Australia

I undertook my studies after serving in the banking and finance industry, where the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is a crucial determinant for success. This degree exposed me to the theoretical frameworks underpinning communication in the real world, giving me new insights into how to communicate more effectively with people across all strata of society.

James Foo Kok Chye,


Discussing Fake News

What is fake news, or media misinformation? What are some things that we need to think about, before sharing the next piece of juicy information, that pops up on our social media or WhatsApp groups? Dr Tan Meng Yoe, coordinator of the Master of Communications and Media Studies program in Monash University Malaysia, shares his thoughts.

They key to understanding communications and media studies is not in how active we are on social media, how familiar we are on the latest pop culture, or how aware we are of the latest tweet posted by a politician.

Making Sense of the Complexities of Media and Communication

Associate Professor Emma Baulch, Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Research areas: Popular culture, Asian studies, popular music, digital media in everyday life.

Dr Tan Meng Yoe, Lecturer in Communication

Research areas: Online religion; digital cultures; Malaysian Christianity.

Our Faculty 

Master of Communications and Media Studies (KPT/JPT (R/321/7/0015) 03/21 - MQA/SWA0177) 
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